The purest way to relive your day

The purest way to relive your day

Wedding Videography

Let's make your wedding memories unforgettable with two distinct video options:

Cinematic Highlight Video:

Capture the essence of your day in a creative 6-ish minute montage. From morning prep to the dance, it's a social media-ready showcase filled with stylish shots. I'll be your sidekick, ensuring every 'big' moment gets its spotlight—father seeing the bride, the kiss, first dance, cutting of the cake, and more. Want a longer reel or a specific soundtrack? Just say the word!

Comprehensive Overview Video:

For a full recording of every key moment, the Overview Video is your time capsule. Relive the day and share it with those who couldn't make it. Imagine your future generations watching the ceremony, speeches, cutting of the cake, and the first dance. Add any extra special moments you want fully recorded—I'm all in.

Two unique ways to tell your love story.

Let's turn your moments into a cinematic masterpiece!

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Videography package add ons

The Home video package (Raw footage from your wedding day)

Introducing the "Home Video Package" for your wedding video services, priced at £350. This package provides you with all the raw footage from the wedding day, delivering an uncut and nostalgic feel reminiscent of home videos. The focus here is on authenticity and capturing genuine moments without any embellishments. This add-on allows you to revisit your special day with a sense of raw emotion, offering a unique perspective on the unfiltered events that unfolded. If you're seeking a straightforward and genuine portrayal of your wedding day, the Home Video Package is an ideal addition to your video services

Second shooter

Enter the "Second Shooter" – your ticket to maximizing coverage on your big day. For an additional £300, you're bringing in a second videographer to capture even more moments and ensure no detail goes unnoticed.

This dynamic duo means more angles, more perspectives, and ultimately, more footage to cherish. The Second Shooter isn't just about quantity; it's about enriching your wedding video with diverse shots, capturing moments from different lenses, and providing a more comprehensive account of your special day.

With the Second Shooter on board, you're investing in efficiency and a broader scope of coverage, ensuring that every significant moment gets its time in the spotlight. If you're all about capturing the intricacies and nuances of your wedding day from multiple viewpoints, the Second Shooter is the ideal complement to your video package.

Extended wedding video

Dive into the details with our "Extended Highlight Video" – a personalized, longer format designed to cater to your unique preferences. The beauty of this option is that it's not a one-size-fits-all deal; it's crafted to reflect your specific needs and desires.

Whether you want to savor more candid moments, relish in extended vows, or showcase additional aspects of your celebration, the Extended Highlight Video is the canvas for your vision. Priced according to your individual requirements, this option allows you to tailor your video experience precisely to your liking.

Ready to elevate your wedding video to new lengths? Get in touch with us today, and let's start creating the extended highlight that perfectly encapsulates your love story. Your personalized journey begins here!